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Actived: Thursday Oct 22, 2020

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6 Inventive Uses For Qualaroo – Notes from the Field

To create personalized messages to survey responses—for example, free shipping for a customer put off by high shipping costs—follow these steps in red. First press “Add Step” (1) to create an exit message where you can add your coupon code. Then, write in your desired text (2). After that, go back to your original survey (3), and

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3 Simple Ways You Can Track ROI On Offline Marketing

For example, use coupon code NYTIMES10 for 10% off your next purchase. Another great mechanism is to use QR codes. With the introduction of QR codes, you can easily bring your customer “online” through your offline efforts. Keeping these coupon codes or QR codes relevant, short and simple are are key to success here.

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Introducing Qualaroo for Mobile Web – Understand What Your

It’s here! The newest addition to our lineup of products to help you understand what your visitors are really trying to accomplish, this time on their phones—meet Qualaroo for Mobile Web.. It’s no secret that mobile is a big part of our daily lives; Google reports that 38% of our screen time is spent on our phones.And when you think about it, what we do on our phones is often very

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