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Save $10 On FTU Washington, DC Tickets (And Hear Me Orate

Coupon code: 2020 for $10 off through January 31, 2020 at midnight PDT. Tickets include: A full day of educational sessions, including manufactured spend on Sunday, March 8, 2020.

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$320 Discount from Alitalia = Free Flights Within Europe

Use coupon code PROMOJP to take $320 (¥25,000) off most Alitalia flights!. You have to: Book immediately (the promotion goes till 26 October, but it will be gone by Monday…count on it) Travel between 05 November and 07 March (but the December 20 – January 6 holiday travel period is blacked out)

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Court Sides with Southwest Airlines, Allows Coupons to

In California, it is against the law for gift certificates to have expiration dates. Furthermore, they cannot even lose value due to inactivity, as is stipulated in the fine print of many gift cards. Enter Southwest Airlines, who recently decided to set an expiration date on all in-flight alcohol vouchers, including those that may be […]

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United Status Matched Me to 1K! - United Offers an

Another 1K has confirmed that premium cabins that earn PQMs at accelerated rates (150%, 200% or 300% of distance based on fare class) would qualify which has sent me off looking for cheap international tickets in cheap markets over long distances.

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I Win! I'm in the Airon the Ethiopian Airlines Sale

When we last left off, Ethiopian had agreed to my compromise: use the BKK-ADD-YYZ flight coupons to travel from DUB-LAX instead. I had proposed a travel date in July and had only heard back after the flight had departed. Many suggested Ethiopian was pulling my leg and had no intention of honoring the fare.

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A Brutal 7-Hour Delay On Alaska - Live and Let's Fly

After stepping off the aircraft, Alaska Airlines emailed each passenger a $12 meal voucher for lunch. Since I booked the trip for them, both vouchers went to my email. These were electronic coupons with a QR code. The delay was only supposed to be about 90 minutes. But 90 minutes later the delay was extended another hour. And another hour.

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Free Agent Is The Best Status to Hold - Live and Let's Fly

After years of chasing status (I still do), sometimes being a Free Agent when it comes to choosing your travel product is the most liberating of all. While I still hold elite status, on a recent trip my family used four carriers for four flight segments, three hotel chains over five nights - it was amazing.

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My Birthday Gift From American Airlines - Live and Let's Fly

Heart healthy but rub off the salt please . Actually just once in my 65 years of life did a major company actually send me something as a thank you. JCP send the nice Willow Old Town Key tag worth about $0.60 from Hong Kong. Actually companies would probably do much better if they realized your customers are where they make money.

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United Offers Unlimited Domestic Upgrades—but there is a

Anyway, I’m working off the assumption that a 500 gets you 500 miles worth of upgrade, and they can be combined, and that CR-1s will get you the whole trip. It seems complicated. You now seem to have a better system, with the possible exception of the p.s. thing.

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5 Reasons to Purchase a United Club One-Time Pass - Live

No need to make any reservation — just show up with your coupons. @Penelope: ANZ departs out of Terminal 2 at LAX and United uses Terminals 7 and 8. You can access Terminal 7 with your Air New Zealand Boarding pass then use your club passes for the United club, but just allow yourself time to get back to T2 (either by bus or crossing through

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