National Defense Strategy

The National Defense Strategy (NDS) provides a clear roadmap for the Department of Defense to meet the challenges posed by a re-emergence of long-term strategic competition with China and Russia

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Fuel ration card will replace coupons

Other major differences between the fuel ration card and the coupons are as follows: *Esso stations are the only off-post facilities that accept the card. Aral is not participating in the program at this time. *The card must match the vehicle. You cannot transfer between vehicles because the card will match the license plate and registration card.

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The chefs will hand out recipe cards and cents-off coupons from participating companies. The "Meal Solutions" tour is a customer outreach initiative of Air Force Maj. Gen. Robert J. Courter Jr., Defense Commissary Agency director. It responds to commissary focus group participants worldwide who've asked for more information on how to cook and

Category:  coupon Get Code News Article: Home Depot Offers Military

Home Depot Offers Military Discount as Veterans Day Salute. American Forces Press Service. WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2004 – Active duty, reserve and retired U.S. military personnel and their family members will receive 10 percent off their purchases in recognition of Veterans Day at The Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer, company officials announced today.

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DID YOU KNOW? - U.S. Department of Defense

New motorcycle safety course graduates (BRC, ERC, and ARC) are eligible for a 25% off motorcycle PPE coupon good at any MCX. Coupons are received from the instructor upon completion of applicable training. Two rules for the coupons: 1) Recipients must have MCX or PX privileges.

Category:  coupon Get Code News Article: 'Operation Helping Hand' Helps

Operation Helping Hand asks the public and business community to help the military families with rental or leased cars, bus or taxi fare coupons, cell phones or phone cards, gasoline coupons, amusement par and movie tickets, restaurant or food market gift certificates and any comfort or recreation items that will make the families' stay in the

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Marine Corps Motorcycle Training Guidelines

Marine Corps Exchange - Training Completion PPE Coupons Motorcycle safety course graduates (BRC, ERC, and MSRC) are eligible for a 25% off coupon for purchasing motorcycle PPE at the MCX. In order to receive a coupon, recipients must: • Have MCX privileges • Have successfully completed an installation/base sponsored motorcycle course

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$34 million, from processing manufacturers’ coupons, handling fees for tobacco products, and reimbursements for other support. Commissary Operations unit cost goal, which is defined as cost per dollar of Resale Stocks sales, is about $.21 in FY 2000. Surcharge Collections represents a third major source for funding commissary operations.

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Part I. Department of the Army General Funds (GF) 1

Off-Island Army GF Yes Operation and Maintenance Operation and Maintenance Entity funds Treasury FAST Book 21*0702; Army 21*7025 Family Housing, Army (Operation and 21X6325 Coupons, Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants, Army Army GF Yes Other Other Nonentity funds 21X6434 Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance Fund,

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Defense Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Transparency

Published coupons and business return postcards are used as a means for an individual to request from the military service information concerning a particular recruiting program, and they usually contain blanks for the individual's name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, level of education, degrees received, and the most

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Military Pay - U.S. Department of Defense

There are various types of pay. Basic pay is received by all and is the main component of an individual's salary. The other pays, often referred to as special and incentive pays, are for specific qualifications or events.

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