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Actived: Sunday Mar 29, 2020


Dodge Off Road, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Dodge Off Road, LLC New Auto Parts. Manufacturer and retailer of high end Dodge Ram suspension and steering products. Also does custom fabrication at customer's request. 4854 Highway 178 West.

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Discount Surgical Stockings Inc. | Better Business Bureau

I noted that I tried to use the coupon code on my order and I was expecting the discount advertised. I just tried to resolve the issue with them and they are saying the coupon code gives **% off

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Hot Promotional Vacations | Better Business Bureau® Profile

In my case I received a promotional offer of two round trip airfare tickets, $2,000.00 in one line coupons and 1/2 price off a rental car for one week for the cost of $49.00 registration fee per

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Adsit Company, Inc. | Better Business Bureau® Profile

I got an ad, so I bought a dash cover. When I went to check out I specifically entered my zip and it showed 0 dollars shipping so I bought the item based on 0 shipping.

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Merchansite | Better Business Bureau® Profile

I finally put it on in December, & realized that the screen print was off center & crooked. Since it had been several months, I figured it would be too late to return or exchange it.

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Discount Bandit | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Personally, that's a major turn off for me, considering how much money I just spent. I started to have second thoughts on the process and reached out to discount bandit for a confirmation. I got

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90% Off Ray-Ban Scam Tempts Instagram Users

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning online shoppers of a Ray-Ban scam that is tempting Instagram users with promises of a 90% discount. One advertisement in particular touted Wayfarers for $24

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True Frequency Products | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Purchased 2 bracelets at Reno NV Italian Festival. The next day while walking one of the bracelets fell off my wrist. One of the pins came out & the number on the receipt was disconnected.

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Nobo Corporation | Better Business Bureau® Profile

The name that was given to the BBB is false as well as his address (House number is off by 2 digits). I'm not sure if that was an accident or done on purpose, but either way, there have been no

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Plant Guru Inc. | Better Business Bureau® Profile

He also stated his wife was going to leave a negative feedback everywhere she could, *** ***** also asked if he can receive a copy of the sales record because although his wife used a coupon code

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